Center of Emotions

The heart is not merely a pump for blood but also the center of emotions.
This chapter is dedicated to love and represents a contribution towards paving the way for the science of love.
The cryptology of the heart means how the heart protects itself from potentially dangerous people.
Decrypting the heart is the process of mastering the true knowledge of the heart and its application.
In order to establish the science of love we must find verifiable rules and systematize them.
There is an interesting statement by the famous mathematician Georg Cantor:
“In mathematics the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems”.
In this chapter we shall try to ask “weird questions” and try to find the answers.
I have tried out the positions I describe more than once but one should always check again and reach better conclusions.
These are contributions to new research that has not yet been done.
Love is really the solution for mankind, provided that it is real, great, long-term love.
It is synergy, the unity of hearts, thoughts, words and actions.

The material means should be directed towards health and mankind should turn to love.
Materialism needs an upgrade and love and spirituality are the solution.

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