Words and Toughts

Righteous, evolutive thoughts strengthen love.
It is interesting to see how powerful thoughts are because just one wrong thought that has not been annulled can ruin love.
Jesus’ formula:” Adultery in the heart is the greatest of sins” may be interpreted as a
thought that is contrary to love and one-sidedly diminishes love.
Love can also be strengthened with our thoughts.
Words are a consequence of a person’s state and are directly connected to thoughts.
That is why words are so important.
The heart of the loved one must be warmed with nice words.
For example: I love you, you are beautiful tonight and all day and every day, you dressed so nicely.
A man also likes to hear words of love. However, it has to come from the heart because one can easily spot a liar.
Criticism has to be gentle, for example when shopping: “This top does not really match your eye colour”.
“I know you love me but I want to hear it”, said the Nobel winning author Pearl Buck.
Therefore, it should not be difficult to say “I love you” a hundred times a day to our loved ones,
even if we send a text message.
Love has to be nurtured. However, we should be careful not to overdo it because it is easy to burn out for too much love
and then suffer from a broken heart. Love requires wisdom, people of high consciousness.
Wrong words directed to our loved ones may have unwanted consequences.
Such words may weaken their love.
An opinion should be expressed in a nice way, without judgments and irony. Nice words have the power to make us loved.

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