Opening up the Hearth

Opening up the heart, almost with everyone, is an unconscious act making a person dearer and more attractive to us.
Here is how it goes:

1. We talk to person A.
2. Person A listens to us and approves of our position and actions.
3. Person A is becoming increasingly attractive and dearer (regardless of physical appearance).
4. We talk of our successes.
5. We talk of our failures.
6. We talk about our childhood.
7. We talk about our plans, wishes, fears, mistakes.
8. We talk of our most intimate desires, fears and plans.
9. Person A, who is listening and offering unconditional support, becomes very dear to us.
Person A may be: a doctor, a priest, a relative, a friend, a potential lover.

The more we share with person A about ourselves and our most sensitive personal
experiences, desires, mistakes, the more person A will be drawn into our heart,
in the sense that we shall feel at ease with this person.
Our heart will want to spend as much time as possible with person A.

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