Paris and Helen

Prince Paris manages to seduce the beautiful Helen, the most beautiful woman of that time.
Let us examine first why Helen was considered the most beautiful woman in the world.
Someone who liked her very much started spreading the rumours.
However, we should note that Helen was a completely realized woman:
a young mother, wife of a king, pampered as a queen, nicely dressed, all made up, she was certainly a natural beauty as well.
When rumours about her started spreading, they were unstoppable.
Helen’s husband Menelaus was a king so that he was very busy.
Work is often the enemy of love.
Love requires time, energy and wisdom, qualities also used for work.
That is why we should find the right balance between love and work.
On the other hand, the heart wants to be filled, wants to love and be loved.
The heart wants to be with the loved person all the time. It certainly tends to be.
If it becomes impatient and hesitant, it will also accept a replacement.
Helen was vulnerable in that moment because her husband was away on business.
King Menelaus was a realized man.
Manhood comes with marriage, fatherhood, a good job, possession, and Menelaus was all that.
What is more, he was a king, the husband of the most beautiful woman in the world that gave him a son.
He was certainly very attractive to many women.
However, like King Arthur, he was not aware that he was neglecting his wife, which led to the Trojan war.
A stable family is the prerequisite of good conduct and a good life.
Prince Paris was a seducer and Helen was the biggest challenge for him.
According to the book, after Helen and Paris met, his image was constantly on her mind.
Most probably he guessed the key to her heart.
Keys to the heart were often used by Homer in his Iliad. For example, he often used the expression: Achilles, son of Peleus.
When it was even more important: Achilles, son of Thetis.
Peleus was his father and Thetis was Achilles’ mother.
These were the keys to his heart. In that way the heart opens up more to that person, the heart grows fonder.
Last names only appeared in the Middle Ages in Venice, to avoid incest.
How do conversations influence the opening of the heart?
It is not usual today to tell the keys to the heart.
However, in the simplest conversation one might accidentally or
intentionally open someone’s heart with unpredictable consequences.
Paris probably told Helen the key to her heart (for example, Helen, mom’s girl)
and that is why her mind was bombarded with his images sent by her heart.
It confused her and she decided to end this state by allowing Paris to abduct her, which led to severe consequences.
Perhaps she could have thought that nobody loved her more than Menelaus.
“Nobody loves me more than Menelaus” could be the solution for all situations of this type.
If this is what one really thinks and feels. However, Menelaus had to earn all that.
That is why a loved person has to be pampered so that they think that nobody can love them more.
That is the long-term prevention for a long-term love.

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