The Great Hypothesis - Supernatural Powers

We are all in hell because of the original sin of Adam and Eve.
That would be the first sin of the whole humanity.
However, the great hypothesis talks about the “original sin” of every person.
The hypothesis is that due to the original sin, that it the first great impact, the nervous system grows weaker.
This impact on the nervous system is like the first time we felt tingling in our back and
had a permanent damage of the nervous system without possibility to repair it.
Few people are without that damage and they do not want to be exposed.
People with a weakened nervous system cannot do the following: real levitatation,
use telepathy, telekinesis, communicate with animals, etc.
An example of people whose nervous system was unharmed is Francis of Assisi.
It is interesting to note that there are people with “supernatural powers” on all continents.
Supernatural powers need to be scientifically explained.
What if the Great Hypothesis is true?
We should create the possibility to have as many people “without the original sin” as possible, that is,
without a permanently damaged nervous system.
This would take mankind towards new knowledge and possibilities.
There are two books that might be interesting to the readers:
“Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich where the nervous system is damaged by passionate love and
“Levitation – from mysticism to science” by Malte Hozzel.

Additional explanation:

Everybody of us had "the first sin", usually in early childhood
(my opinion is from cca 10 months of age, not before, because nervous system is not enough developed).
It was really great stress for one person with first time in life tingling in back.
Consequence of that first great stress is that nervous system becomes damaged for the whole life.
That first tingling damaged nervous system. After that stress person loses possibility to develop supernatural powers.
Occasionally, if someone did non have any great stress he/she can have supernatural powers.
If this hypothesis is correct then in the future many young people can be educated with supernatural power.

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