Winning Hypothesis - the Embodiment of a Certain Soul in the Fetus

The winning hypothesis talks about the possibility to summon the soul into the fetus.
Therefore, the embodiment of a certain soul in the fetus.
The fetus itself has to be sufficiently developed so that according to the Winning Hypothesis,
the soul is called into the body before birth.
Let us call this calling for the soul the “secret name”.
The secret name is given to the child right before birth.
That is when the soul is embodied. It is possible that it is the embodied soul that initiates the delivery
(it is not yet clear whether we are talking a few hours or days).
The secret name is given through the identical thoughts of the mother and one person (usually the father) who is close by.
The joined thoughts of that person call that soul and it enters the body.
The thoughts can be of the name, thinking about that soul and similar.
Today, the secret name is given by accident. Tibetans know much more about it.
This is where the importance of the mother is fully visible.
Usually the secret name is given when talking to the mother about naming the baby.
It is important to have that one other person who is next to the mother think about the same individual.
That is how it is called in the body of the newborn baby.
What if no soul was called into the body?
The body of the baby is taken by the nearest soul because when the baby is ready to be born a soul has to be embodied.
After abandoning the old body (let us call it death),
the embodiment of the soul into the new baby can happen after just three days as well as after 2000 years.
The tradition to name the baby after a late ancestor represents a civilizational achievement,
making this person evolve faster.
Young, undeveloped souls are not that creative, not as talented and more inclined to lies and deceit,
all for lack of experience.
That a child will physically resemble its parents has been known for some 2000 years.
However, only today, thanks to the DNA analysis, can we tell who are one’s parents with 100% certainty.
How much time will be needed to recognize the rebirth of a soul with 100% certainty?
Certainly less than 2000 years because we are in the age of science.
The winning hypothesis could explain why so many important people were born in the Renaissance in Italy.
After many centuries there were discussions about ancient Greek artists, thinkers, mathematicians and statesmen
so babies were given their names making it possible for those great souls to be born again.
The name Omero (Homer) is still very common in Italy.
“Look at that boy, looks just like his grandpa”, as is often heard,
especially in villages where people know each other very well.
Physical appearance is clear, but is it all about genetics or can we include the embodiment of the soul as well?
The winning hypothesis needs to be elaborated.
I heard somewhere that around 50% of people are born again in the place where they lived before.
Science still has to give answers to what the soul brings us and what the genes do.
What if the Great Hypothesis and the Winning Hypothesis are correct?
In that case the world can be divided in purgatory, paradise and the kingdom of heaven.
Until a soul is “recognized” the person shall stay in purgatory.
When it finds itself in great love with the person it loves it will be in paradise, completely enlightened and content.
People with a perfect nervous system, without the “original sin”, with great possibilities,
shall live in their own kingdom of heaven.
People shall practically live infinitely long, they will only change bodies.
Man, as God’s emissary in the Universe, shall have unimagined possibilities.

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The aim is that one day that soul will be recognized in the new body.

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