Authorities - Scientists of Love

I did not rely on western psychology but on Vedic psychology and on two maximum authorities.

I had to analyze everything very carefully lest I should make a mistake of the intellect
(a wrong conclusion that cannot be easily changed).

High emotional intelligence (understanding of other people, compassion, mercy…) is a prerequisite to mastering this knowledge.
The first great authority and scientist I consider the greatest master of love is Jesus Christ.
When religions are confirmed by science it shall be a great step forward for humanity.
Simply, at the time of Jesus Christ’s life on earth, his immense but also very delicate knowledge of love
and generally of life could be put forth only dogmatically.
In many of his statements, Jesus axiomatically gave knowledge of love.
A happy couple is the one that strictly abides by Jesus’ love formulas because it brings them great
and lifelong love and the most beautiful and best possible life.

My other top authority on love is the great wise man and Vedic knowledge expert and scientist Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
A quote from the book On The Bhagavad Gita whose author is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:
“The ideal of marital life (love) is to have two people who want to make the other’s wishes come true.
One willingly takes over the task to make the other happy.
One helps the other, there is mutual help and growth in that understanding.
In practice, one lives for the other, gives its best to the other and that is the way to get the most from the other.
They both give and both receive from the other in the most spontaneous way because it is a mutual agreement,
a communion of heart and mind. Emotions, understanding and behavior are the subject matters of that agreement:
one lives for the other.
If one lives for another, as time goes by, he grows in the value of life.
What looked like bonding becomes the path to liberation.”

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