Happiness = Money?

Material means should be like health – we should take good care of them but not be slaves to them.
The following equation keeps imposing itself and blocks the development of mankind:
happiness = money.
It is sometimes valid only in times of famine.
It is nevertheless a wrong formula due to which there is more and more money in the world but also more suffering,
meaning less love and happiness. People whose main goal is the accumulation of wealth are material hypochondriacs.
The true formula is: HAPPINESS = LOVE AND RESPECT.
The whole humanity should turn to this. A wealthy man is one who has the love and respect of people around him.
The fact that today we consider people to be wealthy solely on the grounds of possession is the dictate of
materially wealthy people, they delude themselves thinking they are better off than everybody else.
Their argument is that people still need some material means to have a normal life.
The time has come for a civilizational step forward.

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