Mathematics and Love

Let us analyze mathematics and love, their similarities and differences.
Both mathematics and love are of a divine nature.
While love is the quality of the creator, mathematics is a tool that helps realize the creation in the best way.
Plato said that mathematics existed even before this creation, therefore mathematics is independent, uncreated and constant.
Mathematics is an unchangeable science and time has no effect on it, it is absolute in any way.
Mathematics does not reveal itself to just anyone, one needs to have many qualities.
Besides complete love, what other qualities of the divine are there, what should we tend to?
A couple may be: light, bliss, primordial purity.
And while mathematics is absolute and invariable, love can be variable, unstable.
While there are many highly educated teachers for mathematics, love finds itself in a subordinate position in that respect.
The knowledge of love has not been established as science so that there are no real teachers.
A person without any knowledge of mathematics may be considered ignorant while a person without any kind of love towards others is an unhappy person for both herself and others.
In order for a young person to develop their mathematical skills it is necessary to have a good teacher,
to devote enough time to the study of mathematics and to have some will and talent that always help.
Good surroundings and support (family, friends, etc.) also help.
In order for a person to be lucky in love, we need the same characteristics as in maths but this is completely undefined
in today’s society – there are no teachers and the support of the surroundings is often counterproductive.
Enough time for love is a debatable category, especially if at least one of the two is immature.

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