Mathematics in Love

In 1176, the French nobleman Andre compiled a love law book, a series of rules about love.
These rules served in love courts in the 12th and 13th centuries,
founded by noble women to resolve disputes between spouses or partners.
How can we give a mathematical representation of some of these rules?
Quotes from the law book shall be in inverted commas.
“No one can devote himself to double love.”
It is about love in the strictest sense. That is, one can love only one person at a time.
As people used to say, there is room for only one lover in your heart.
That is why love can be represented as a function.
“Love can constantly grow or diminish”.
Again, there are similarities with the function.
Love is like a relation:
Love is reflexive – everyone loves themselves (exceptions confirm the rule).
When two people love each other, love is symmetrical.
The intensity of love between two people may be the same.
Love between two people is something we should analyze, understand, know, whether it is about love in the narrow or broader sense.
In sacral geometry the circle represents perfection, god.
The center of the circle is a love couple that has to keep everybody else at a distance so they cannot influence them.
When other people affect the couple, the couple should not allow their love to deteriorate because of them.
This requires a lot of wisdom. New love creates new relationships and that may not be to everybody’s liking.
Here’s a quote from the New Testament: “Man and wife are one.”
The circle has one centre, the flower has one centre, the Earth has its centre,
the Solar system has its centre, galaxies have centres…
A family needs a centre around which everything revolves.
When there are two centres of power there is duality – a struggle.
That is why a husband and wife (a couple) need to have high consciousness, in order to become one.
With time, the positions and the decisions of a husband and wife should be increasingly more coinciding.
Other people should consider them united but that is not so simple.
Whatever has two centres is a cause of problems (duality).
The triangle is the soul of geometry while an unfinished triangle is the curse of love.
It is reduced to the love of two people with a third person living in the delusion of love from his partner,
while there is actually none.
The consequences of the withdrawal from this delusion are immense.

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