Some Relations:

Opposite (minus) of love = hate
Opposite (minus) of liking = contempt
Opposite (minus) of interest = ignoring
Ignoring = perfidious negation, scorn (not pretended), “killing in installments”.
Immature people are not able to love and yet they do have love relationships and are very passionate, at least in the beginning.
After that they leave their partner, breaking his heart.
A broken heart is a widespread and common condition of our civilization with complementary bad consequences
for the health and quality of life.
Over 90% of illnesses are of a psychosomatic origin.
It is often a short-term or a long-term consequence of an unhappy love.

Some interesting proportions (P) and inverse proportions (IP)

More love in society – more happiness in society P
More hate in society – less happiness in society IP
More happy children in society – more happiness in society P
More happy marriages of young people – more children and happiness P
Many unemployed people – less happiness in society IP
Many unemployed young people – less children IP
No satisfaction at work – more illness P
More problems in society – more illness P
Right use of knowledge – more happiness P
More illness – more work for the medical profession P
More love – less time for unimportant things IP
More betting windows – more gamblers P
More challenges – more work P
More fun – more work P
More advertising of vice – more vicious people P
More vicious people – less love IP
More money for sports – less money for other things IP
More fun – more happiness in society in the short-run P
More fun – less happiness in society in the long-run IP
More manipulation of knowledge – less happiness in society IP
More advertising – more work P
More mathematics – more knowledge P

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