The Broken Heart

The realization that our love is gone leads to a frequent “illness” of our civilization:
the broken heart.
A broken heart can often lead to real illnesses: depression, heartburn, loss of appetite, etc.
Many have tried to win their lost love back but when someone gets a person out of their heart –
they do not let him/her back. Almost all of these attempts are in vain.
A loved person (who has already lost our love) has to be left out of our heart. But how does one do it?
Entering a new relationship is not going to be easy because you can only love one person at a time.
However, condemning the “old” lover in our thoughts does help.
Or, our old love did something so despicable that our heart will automatically do away with it.
What also helps is a mental judgement, blaming the old lover for the impossibility to enter into a new relationship.
Freeing our heart is not always easy and it is impossible to do with just our intellect.
The heart has to be involved as well.

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